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Parcelforce Worldwide is the leading provider of express deliveries inside of the UK. Any parcel coming into the UK may be subject to additional import duties, in these cases Parcelforce would pay the fee and request payment from the customer at the point of delivery. However; customers were not always aware of these charges, nor were they in a position to make the payment. By implementing NewVoiceMedia’s PCI DSS compliant solution, Parcelforce’s system was revolutionised by:

  • Encouraging customers to pre-pay duty charges, either over the phone or via the Parcelforce website
  • Compliance with regulations for taking credit card payments over the phone
  • Recovery of £4m duty charges over 4 years

NewVoiceMedia provides us with a more strategic partnership than just a network provider. They enable us to reach our customers, and our customers to reach us.

Patrick Morgan
Operations Manager

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