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As the digital revolution sweeps the globe, contact centers have popped up everywhere from Africa to Asia, but the level of service provided can vary widely.


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The information for this page is from the Global Call Center Project.

Communication: A Global Economy

The global economy is forcing you to make changes to stay competitive, and most importantly to focus on the customer. Supporting this focus, the contact center market is growing, responding to the increasing challenge to provide more intelligent solutions to provide better, faster, and more individual solutions. Maintaining and improving your position in your marketplace requires early adoption of technology to keep your competitive edge, so connecting your customers with the right agent depending on their needs completely changes their experience of the business and the product, and ultimately influences your success.

Here's how cloud-based call center platforms like ContactWorld enables businesses to stay ahead in a growing market:

Understand Your Customers

Customers regularly cite personalized service as something that is most important to them. With ContactWorld, you can have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Having this knowledge is the difference between talking to a complete stranger and someone you know well. Not only can you start the conversation armed with the right information, but this also enables you to suggest personalized offers and empower your sales teams.

Deliver the Caller to the Right Agent

Instead of seeing your queue like an endless stream of identical customers, dynamic routing allows you to understand and act on who they are and why they're calling.

The platform intelligently routes each call to the right agent, based on their details, call history, or even the products purchased. This not only delivers an individual service that's right for every customer but improves the efficiency of your contact center.

Record Calls for Training and Compliance Procedures

Every conversation you have with your customers holds valuable information; especially when it comes to training. Learn from your customers and your agents by monitoring your calls effectively.

Plus, your agents can control this feature on each and every call, allowing you to meet compliance procedures in any location.

Adapt to an Unpredictable Workforce

Lost productivity costs businesses millions of dollars per year, but absenteeism is sometimes an unavoidable fact of life. An adaptable cloud-based service ensures you don't suffer financially as a result of lost productivity. Plus, with a cloud platform your agents can work from home if they've had an injury, but can't take valuable days away from the office. Stay on top of these issues with a cloud-based workforce management solution.

NewVoiceMedia: Push Your Communication into the 21st Century

NewVoiceMedia powers customer connections that transform businesses globally. The leading vendor's award-winning cloud customer contact platform connects organisations with their customers worldwide, enabling them to deliver a personalised and unique customer experience and drive a more effective sales and marketing team. With a true cloud environment and proven 99.999% platform availability, NewVoiceMedia ensures complete flexibility, scalability and reliability.

Spanning 40 countries and five continents, NewVoiceMedia's 250+ customers include: Topcon, PhotoBox, DPD, Lumesse, QlikTech and Wowcher. For more information visit or follow NewVoiceMedia on Twitter @NewVoiceMedia.