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ContactWorld for Sales integrates with Salesforce Sales Cloud® to increase the efficiency of inside sales teams by focusing on the right leads, automating the dialing process and presenting local calling numbers to increase pick-up rate. Management information is improved from detailed reporting and dashboards that allow for greater insight that supports better decision making. Our customers regularly achieve performance improvements of over 100% when using our technology.

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88% are more likely to place an order if caller showed evidence of 5 mins of research

Serve better

ContactWorld for Service integrates with Salesforce Service Cloud® to create the first global, true-cloud contact center solution that delivers a personalized service to every enquiry. Calls, emails, and social media can be prioritized and routed to the most appropriate agent to deal with the enquiry, delivered with all of the customer history so every contact can be handled efficiently and professionally. Customers love it and customer service representatives love it too. Our customers see dramatic improvements in their core metrics like call handle time and first call resolution, while also improving customer effort scores and NPS.

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93% of us will take action following inadequate

QuickStart for small businesses

The first global, true-cloud contact center solution that helps you connect with customers more effectively. You’ll be able to deliver a personalized service to every enquiry and help your sales teams by giving them better leads, and a faster close.

Yes, it’s got a lot going for it and it’s surprisingly easy to use…

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Sally can’t ride a bike. But she can instantly sync her call activity with Salesforce®.

ContactWorld Quickstart for Small Businesses

A game changing increase in fundraising of 225%

Catherine Moore
Senior Director, Strategic Engagement
& Platform Development

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…16.9x return in investment…

Better sales performance on a global scale

Mike McCarron
Vice President of Customer Success,

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…intensely personalized service, enhancing the customer experience

…revolutionizing customer experience and increasing the efficiency of sales and service teams

  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • Labor First
  • MobileIron
  • Topcon
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99.999% Platform availability

The only cloud contact center provider to publish performance data.

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