Add the Power of Voice to Salesforce

Fast and easy integration between Salesforce and your contact center for better sales, marketing and support.

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Between the technology solution and the staff at NewVoiceMedia, I honestly couldn’t ever go back to a traditional telephony setup. They’ve just taken away all the pain ‘telephony’ used to cause.  Highly recommended solution.

Peter Auld, Lumesse

Seamless CRM Integration

Salesforce is a powerful tool for managing relationships with your customers. On its own, however, it relies on employees to keep track of customer calls - inbound, outbound or for support.
This means that key information goes unreported and untracked.

Seamless CRM Integration

By adding NewVoiceMedia's ContactWorld you can ensure seamless integration between voice communications and the rest of your Salesforce system.

What about the CTI adaptor?

No plugins

If you're looking for an integrated telephony solution with Salesforce, you've probably heard about the CTI adaptor.

It's an extra piece of software you have to download to make other integrations work. It's not compatible with all telephony hardware. Older operating systems, such as XP, may need additional software for it to work. And it only works with Windows.

ContactWorld integrates with Salesforce at the cloud level - its just like installing any other managed package from the AppExchange.

You don't need the CTI Adaptor with ContactWorld for Salesforce.

Click to Dial


One-click dialing from any phone field in Salesforce. Quick, easy and effective.
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ContactWorld for Salesforce's user interface is called ContactPad. It is the single point within Salesforce from which users make and receive calls.

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Highest rated call center app


We use this CTI solution with Salesforce to deal with both inbound and outbound calls. It was easy to set up and configure and can be easily reconfigured to meet changing business requirements. The implementation and follow through was excellent. I highly recommend this CTI application.

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Omni-Channel Integration with Social Media

Omni-Channel Integration with Social Media

Today's customers and prospects expect you to respond to them in a variety of different ways; voice, email, webchat and social media.

The omni-channel capabilities of Salesforce and ContactWorld mean that your contact center can respond efficiently and effectively to requests, issues and comments

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Route calls based on Salesforce data

Route Calls

Put hot prospects to the head of the queue, route support calls to the right agents and give VIP customers priority treatment by linking call routing to Salesforce data. You can even target on-hold recordings based on customer records.

See one version of
the truth

Agents get a pop-up window on their screen with information about an inbound caller so customers get a more joined-up service. You can also record all your calls and save the details as part of a customer record.

Get better
management insight

With NewVoiceMedia you can monitor call frequency, duration and outcomes on an individual and team basis. This leads to meaningful KPIs and valuable metrics.

Improved sales

For outgoing calls, contact center workers get click to dial from their computer screen and they can see detailed customer information before they make the call.

Works with Mac
and PC

Unlike many integrations with Salesforce. ContactWorld works easily across Mac and PC hardware.

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