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Once you have WFM delivering optimised resource scheduling, you can extend functionality to deliver even more insight. Use our workforce management software for all of your HR administration needs, data collection, scheduling, labour budgeting, workflow and project management, and more! You’ll find that your workplace is optimised, your operations increased, and your staff is held accountable for their work. Businesses have shown increased productivity and communicaton with WFM software, which we proudly supply.

We understand that running your business operations can be stressful—especially when you have to account for staffing, hours, HR concern, assignments, work loads, availabilities, high-fluctuation rates, and so much more.The best part of WFM software? It is applicable to nearly every type of industry. Account for the shifts of your staff at your restaurant, manage the demand and flow of your work day, manage employee performance and fulfillment, and maintain a productive workplace, no matter what.

Here are some of the services our WFM software options can provide you, no matter your budget or industry!

  • Real-time adherence - Know whether staff are working to the schedules published
  • Optimisation - Automatically optimise breaks to improve service levels
  • Holiday Management - Online portal enables agents to request leave and supervisors to authorize taking service levels into account
  • Simulation - Simulate scenarios and results
  • Blended & non-blended omni-channel - Optimise your scheduling across all contact channels

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Key features

  • Minimise complexity - A single, pre-integrated platform, seamlessly connecting your WFM and telephony
  • Maximise resources - One schedule to meet forecast demand
  • Meet SLA’s - Stay focused on delivery with scheduling and optimisation

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