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How to use speech analytics to increase sales

Your business’ recorded calls represent a huge data source that speech analytics can help turn into actionable insights, long after the customer hangs up.

The year of emotive customer experience

In today’s Age of the Customer, personal, emotional customer interactions play a critical role in bridging the gap for what disruption and digital innovation alone cannot solve.

From Salesforce adoption to collaboration: 6 tips for sales team success

These six CRM-based tips from NewVoiceMedia will help get your sales team more invested in your business and increase customer retention and revenue.

How to hire extraordinary employees for your customer-facing vacancies

Read this guide on finding employees who are inclined and equipped to work with customers.

Three indicators you’ll achieve your sales goals this year

Whether you’ll achieve your sales goals or not in 2018 is dependent on these three things.

3 key customer service trends for 2018

We recently partnered with Bluewolf and Salesforce for a webinar on how today’s best service organizations are enabling emotive customer interactions, and the trends they will be focusing on in 2018. Here’s what we learned.

Words of wisdom from women leading the way

Here, we share our favorite quotes from the 4th Annual Women in Industries panel discussion and the Salesforce NYC Women in Leadership Event.

10-step plan to personalized customer experience

This 10-step plan will provide a framework that will allow your contact center to adopt a more personalized approach to customer care.

3 ways to empower your customer support team

When you empower support agents to speak their minds and share their experiences, you also empower your customers.

NewVoiceMedia sponsors January events promoting women in leadership

NewVoiceMedia is kicking off 2018 with some special events designed to energize and empower women at work.

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