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How NewVoiceMedia embraced the Pledge 1% movement

In February 2016, we officially announced our participation in the Pledge 1% movement, applying a simple yet transformative idea: donate 1% of product, 1% of equity, 1% of profit or 1% of employee time to support non-profit causes around the world. Employees, shareholders, customers and the community all benefit when a company builds giving back into its DNA and, for us, it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

The inspirational quotes of Dreamforce 2018

After two fun, informative and action-packed days, it’s hard to believe there are only two more days of Dreamforce 2018! With 3,200+ sessions, 170,000+ people registered – including plenty of A-list luminaries – and around 10 million joining in online, we’re thoroughly inspired, a little exhausted, but eager to see what the rest of the festivities will bring!

An Even Better Connection: What Salesforce’s Customer 360 Means to the Value of Voice Data

Hang around the CRM space long enough and you’re bound to hear the term “360-dgeree view of the customer.” It’s a shorthand way to talk about knowing a lot about the customer – although 360 degrees is a nearly unachievable ideal.

NVM at DF18: Maximize the feel-good-factor to create exceptional customer experiences

In the Age of the Customer, when competitors are a tap away, the same products are sold everywhere, and features are copied in the blink of an eye, customer experience is increasingly the primary means for businesses to differentiate and to thrive.

The next chapter of our growth

Today, I am incredibly excited to announce that NewVoiceMedia has agreed to be acquired by Vonage.

NVM at DF18: Arming your sales reps for better conversations

The key to building an army of sales winners lies in providing your reps with the tools to make every conversation with potential prospects as positive and productive as possible.

NVM at DF18: AI trends to watch

AI innovations are bringing exciting opportunities for brands to transform their customer experience. Here are some trends you can expect to see at this year's Dreamforce.

NVM at DF18: Boost CX and build your network at NewVoiceMedia’s Dreamforce events

As a proud sponsor of Dreamforce for the 6th consecutive year, NewVoiceMedia has been busy putting together an agenda of activities for Trailblazers. Here’s what we have planned.

How Artificial Intelligence is making customer support more efficient

An angry customer is two or three times more likely to leave a negative review, and 80% of customers will steer clear of a business with negative reviews. Getting it wrong may even earn you some really bad press. Getting it right isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible either. So how do you keep customers happy?

VIDEO: Allied Dispatch Solutions CEO on the rules of roadside customer service

ADS CEO Anthony Royer recently sat down with NVM CEO Dennis Fois for a discussion about the how the ADS Customer Solutions Specialists are making every conversation great.

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