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A conversation on omni-channel with Sheila McGee-Smith

NewVoiceMedia CEO Dennis Fois recently had the opportunity to catch up with Sheila McGee-Smith, founder and principal analyst of McGee-Smith Analytics, for a conversation about how omni-channel service trends are impacting contact centers.

Our duty as leaders

When we’re leaders, our number one duty is to provide the following:

5 service expectations that brands aren't meeting

These five significant gaps between customer expectations and service could be hurting your business.

Pulse 2018 recap: why winning in business depends on customer success

There are many parallels between NewVoiceMedia’s philosophies on customer experience, and the trends and takeaways from Pulse 2018, the Customer Success event of the year.

Three trends driving the shift from customer service to customer success

The last 10 years have seen a significant shift from customer service to customer experience, and we’re all trying to make our customers more successful. Here's how.

Seven reasons customers don’t like doing business with you

Here are seven reasons that customers become dissatisfied with a company's customer service or customer experience — complaints that they're unlikely to share with you before walking away and not coming back.

Simplify and shorten your sales cycle: part two

Sales prospecting experts discuss creating a sense of urgency in sales messages, qualifying prospects, overcoming objections to a sale and using technology to your advantage.

Getting emotional: experts share secrets to CX success

Brands that create customer experiences that drive positive emotions dramatically outperform those that get it wrong in retention, revenue and even stock price growth. So what’s their secret?

Click Travel tames The Beast from the East

By Maddy Barber, Click Travel.

You’d have been hard-pressed to find someone in Britain unaffected by the so called ‘Beast from The East’ this month, which caused blizzards and historically low temperatures across the UK. As endless announcements of rail, road and airport closures flooded in, the Met Office advised not to travel – but where did that leave business travellers?

Why emotive CX matters

Tap into the emotional motivations that drive purchasing decisions, and customers become more valuable in every respect: from advocacy to lifetime spend.

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