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How to implement a successful omni-channel strategy and solution

Now, more than ever, deploying an effective omni-channel strategy is critical to business success. If your business is looking to deliver a more complete customer experience, this poses two questions: What elements should you consider as you develop your omni-channel strategy? And what do you need to look for in your solution?

Five golden rules for delivering great customer experiences

Forrester, in its CX Index analysis, identified that customer experience (CX) is a function of the customer achieving their goal, expending minimal effort to get there and then most importantly how they feel about the exchange, or their emotions. Gartner has stated that by 2020, 81 percent of companies expect to be competing mostly or completely on the basis of CX.

Discover the benefits of omni-channel integration with our demo

Omni-channel technology can play an important role in your contact center’s strategy when used effectively. Watch NewVoiceMedia’s demo to find out more.

Menu monster: the IVR that devoured customer experience

Imagine a technology that promises to help your business but instead is poisoning your customer’s experiences. A technology so overlooked that it can sap the goodwill from thousands of customers every day without anyone paying attention to it – until it’s too late! We’ve traced the source of this evil ...

Enterprise Connect 2019: Communications and Collaboration in Today’s Experience Economy

This year’s Enterprise Connect Conference & Expo in Orlando kicked off with a Main Stage panel discussion led by EC Co-Chair and No Jitter Editor Beth Schultz and C-T Link President Jim Burton. The panel discussion, Communications & Collaboration: What’s the Way Forward?, included industry leaders, such as Vonage CEO Alan Masarek, and some of Vonage’s strategic partners, such as Google and Microsoft, as well as executives from fellow business cloud communications providers.

What’s new in the NewVoiceMedia Spring ‘19 Release

Since the NewVoiceMedia contact center software is so tightly integrated with Salesforce, our release rhythm mirrors that of Salesforce – Spring, Summer and Winter. This is of great benefit to customers, who are always getting ‘the best of both worlds’ at the same time.

Here’s why your business communications should be in the cloud

There’s a lot of talk about the cloud at the moment; it’s fair to say that the hype cycle is over and organizations are now rushing to embrace the technology.

NewVoiceMedia at Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2019

NewVoiceMedia couldn’t be more excited to be participating in Salesforce World Tour Sydney on the 6th of March. At the show, we'll be demonstrating our omnichannel contact centre solution, showing how it can help your business provide a better experience for customers.

See an omni-channel contact center in action

Sign up today for our live demo on Thursday, March 7th

Does a local number make a difference for inside sales? The numbers say yes

In the not-very-distant past, when the phone rang you felt compelled to pick it up –the identity of the person on the other end of the call was a mystery, and the only way to solve it was to answer and say hello.

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