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What is a cloud contact center with Salesforce CTI?

Modern call centers need much more than phones. Today, customers interact with companies in complicated and dynamic ways. Email, chat and a variety of social media channels act as multiple points of contact for businesses. So, just having a phone won’t cut it. The future of business is a one-stop cloud contact center shop. And

Death of a door-to-door salesman

Door-to-door salesmen are a dying breed, and for good reason. It's reckless to knock on random peoples’ doors uninvited. Door-to-door sales reps play the number game. The more doors they knock on, the more likely they are to land a sale. But they don't understand their customers. They don't tap into their wants or needs. Today,

Session Recap: Wake up, sit up and turn heads with CTI

Computer telephony integr ation (CTI) is the future of sales and service. The idea of a phone system that can communicate with your CRM is a powerful one. And our customers have used that concept to shape their business. This Dreamforce we had the pleasure of hosting a panel of some of our top customers:

Day 1 Dreamforce: What we learned

What a great day at Dreamforce. Is everyone as exhausted as me? There were amazing sessions abound and networking ops galore. Did you manage to do everything you wanted? Probably not. But that’s ok there is more on the way! Things some of us learned the hard way today: Wear comfortable shoes If you feel

Navigating the Dreamforce playground

It can be difficult to find your way around the massive Dreamforce conference. But our friends at Bluewolf have made it easy. Check out their map of must see companies according to their specialty. Day 1 – you’ll probably want to get your bearings. There is a lot of floor space and tons of activities

Millions of jobs, billions of dollars, compound in the Salesforce economy

1.9 Million Jobs and $389 Billion in GDP Worldwide – these are the figures from the most recent IDC report on the Salesforce economy. If you visit San Francisco, the shear dominance of Salesforce is evident. Sure, daily TV shows and magazines paint the tech-savvy city as a haven for Google, Apple, Facebook and other

Why partying at Dreamforce is a better way to get closer to your customers

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Dreamforce is the ultimate SaaS nerd party. We LOVE Dreamforce parties. And they serve two purposes. The first – to have fun – is obvious. We all want the opportunity to cut loose and relax while hanging out with likeminded individuals. The second – to improve customer relationships – is

The elite networkers of Dreamforce and what you can learn from them about great conversations

You’ll notice them right away. Dreamforce has more than 100,000 networkers but the elite stand out. The conference regulars glide through the floor with ease and maintain composure as they shake hands and chat-up other cloud enthusiasts. They are rock stars of the expo floor and you could learn a thing or two from watching

10 reasons why attending Dreamforce will multiply your ROI

Dreamforce is fast approaching. For four days at the beginning of October, thousands of attendees will flock to San Francisco for the world’s largest software industry conference. It combines learning opportunities with fun on an unprecedented level and all but guarantees to multiply your return on investment. Here are ten ROI builders you can look

Is it sales or stalking?

Inside sales reps need to make a lot of friends. Their job depends on their ability to be gregarious, informed and likable, which is not always the easiest task. It’s like trying to be the cool kid in high school. The words “try” and “cool” just don’t fit together. Sales people have a difficult task:

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