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Call Deflection: Focus on the solving the customer's problem.

Customer Service is going through a rapid evolution.  Until recently many customer service departments were inwardly focused and viewed as an unnecessary cost of doing business, and today the transition is towards delivering an amazing customer experience as a key differentiator that affects the bottom line. Much of the management, metrics and language of contact centres of

NPS, CSAT or Customer Effort Score – which metric is right for your business?

NPS, CSAT or Customer Effort Score? As the saying goes – you can’t manage what you don’t measure.  To overcome this many companies look to a single metric that they can use to measure the health of their company and that business leaders can use to predict future performance of the organisation. No one question

NewVoiceMedia joins Marketo's LaunchPoint to push One Agenda

Last week we were proud to be included in the Marketo ecosystem as part of their newly released LaunchPoint partner programme. Marketo provides marketing automation software that helps enterprises to turn awareness into opportunity and in this post we will look at how customers that use both Marketo and NewVoiceMedia can drive more revenue. One

Our latest award – Best Technology Partnership with SHL

It was glitz and glamour last night at the annual CCA Excellence Awards in Glasgow and it was made all the better with NewVoiceMedia coming away a winner! Over the previous two days the CCA’s 18th Global Customer Contact Convention had been taking place – a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved in delivering customer service

South East Contact Centre Forum – to route or not to route

Earlier this month we were very honoured to host the South East Contact Centre Forum at our headquarters in Basingstoke. The Forum has over 100 members including some of the biggest across the region including a wide range of public and private sector industries. We ran a couple of breakout sessions during the day where

Modern Metrics: New measurements for the contact centre of the future.

Metrics are the language of contact centres. Traditionally they have focused on cost control – measuring how long calls take, how many calls are transferred or how many calls result in a resolution. Very few of the metrics in use have been optimistic or positive in nature, and apart from the largest contact centres, very

What is the difference between preview, progressive and predictive diallers?

Preview, Progressive and Predictive Diallers At NewVoiceMedia our core focus is on helping our customers to handle inbound calls with style.  As part of our service customers also get the ability to make outbound calls from their Salesforce instance and this often raises questions about terminology for outbound dialling platforms. Here is a quick introduction

Declare war on contact centre queues!

This weekend’s Dragon’s Den episode kicked off with a pitch from an entrepreneur trying to solve the problem of contact centre queues. When callers hit a contact centre queue the technology enables them to press press a button, hang-up, and get on with their day whilst the application queues on their behalf. Once at the

Improve your sales-handoff efficiency in one easy step – record all calls.

One of the biggest areas ofinefficiencyin business to business sales is the hand-off of leads from Marketing to Sales. An enthusiastic marketeer follows up an event attendance or the download of a whitepaper and after a positive call with the prospect passes over a qualified lead to the sales team who then follow up with

Your customer is not the enemy – maintain contact after your deals close.

Have you ever mapped out your organisation’s desire to speak to your customers based on their position in the customer life cycle? If you are like most businesses you might expect to see a curve like this. In our experience a business’ desire to speak to the customer follows a consistent path – increasing as

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