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Customer service: Customers have emotional baggage too

By  Chris Herbert By Chris Herbert 92% of customers have interacted with the firm before they talk to a rep; acknowledging this and resolving any outstanding issues will improve customer service The customer relationship is the foundation of any customer service organization, and like any relationship it can get complicated. The success or otherwise of

Sales: Three sins to avoid at all costs

To avoid mistakes like these, sales managers need an objective view of their teams’ strengths and weaknesses While people in all types of roles can – and should – play an integral part in a company’s success, it pays to choose star sales people carefully. Not only must they represent their firm in some of

What a giraffe can teach you about customer service strategy

By  Chris Herbert Everyone loves a happy ending to a story, especially when the main character is a child who has lost their favourite stuffed animal giraffe named Joshie. Even the most cynical reader will smile and pay attention to how the plot is resolved. The now legendary  customer service story about Joshie the Giraffe

Customer service: the metrics you should be addicted to

If you're going to become addicted, make sure it's to something healthy By  Pete Slease Customer service teams have their fair share of “metric-holics”; people who understandably become addicted to the office’s big electronic notice boards, where they watch the service level flash, followed by the scrolling metrics of the moment. More often than not,

Do you know your Customer Effort Score?

At the request of members, we recently revisited our Customer Effort Score™ (CES) work. CES is one part of a much larger body of customer effort work, (for CEB Customer Contact  members), but its simplicity and power make it easy to communicate across the customer service world, including in “ The Effortless Experience ”. A simple question,