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Tips to spruce up your Spring perspective

We can always use fresh perspective, and spring is the perfect time for it. When we’ve settled into our regular flow of work it is easy for us to fall into patterns of repetitive and underwhelming practice. Businesses thrive on dynamic creativity, positive energy and constructive vision. We can’t afford to fall in the hole

What can bar etiquette teach you about hiring tech talent?

How do you kick off the New Year when you’re a growing business in need of amazing tech talent? You co-host SF Tech Crawl with Betts Recruiting. Far from conventional, Betts Recruiting takes stodgy networking events with formal handshakes and forced smiles and injects a much needed layer of fun. At SF Tech Crawl, Betts

NewVoiceMedia team helps build Habitat for Humanity home for local family

Last month our San Francisco team took on the challenge of helping build a new home for a deserving local family, and are pleased to have raised $1,450 for Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco in the process. Our volunteers helped by installing fiberglass insulation in the walls and ceilings of a house that will

Why NewVoiceMedia?

'So why NewVoiceMedia?' I was asked when it was announced that I would be moving on from – and in all fairness it was a great question. is a pretty cool company, it has founded and established the word ‘cloud’ firmly in the forefront of IT, however it had grown-up, or maybe I should say