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Candidate experience is also customer experience

Just as customer experience is a series of touch points along a journey, so too is how all your employees relate to your company.

Keep your customer experience safe from silos

Let’s talk about silos for a second. The concept of silos is so pervasive in business that I don’t even need to define what they are for you — there’s nearly a 100 percent chance you already know. And, to be honest, they’ve been around for years. Machiavelli was actually writing about them  in 1513.

The 50 first dates problem of CX

I came across  an interesting article  recently recapping many of the current themes and trends being discussed in customer experience. The article is ostensibly a recap of Sprinklr’s  Digital Transformation Summit, held recently in Nashville. If you’re unfamiliar with Sprinklr — it’s not quite a huge name in enterprise circles yet — it’s a social

Is your annual planning a free-for-all? Let’s fix it.

This post  originally appeared  on Jeanne Bliss'  website and is republished here with permission.  I think we all know annual planning is important. You need to set some vision, strategy, and priorities for what you’re going to do moving forward. Unfortunately, I think we also all know that — at many companies, but not all

How to build a seamless customer experience

A seamless customer experience gets delivered when you answer the questions your customer is asking. It’s as simple as that. Getting there, however, takes a lot of work. Let’s focus on the role that customer journey maps play in a seamless customer experience. A journey framework, even in its simplest form, when used with consistency

How to bring the organization together to think “experience”

Counting on a leader to naturally switch from driving the business from a quarterly sales perspective one day to thinking all things “customer” the next is pretty delusional. There’s got to be some kind of accountability forum that forces the issue with leaders on what they did and how they did it. The most rewarding

How to connect customer experience to business growth

The work of the Chief Customer Officer is about building the business through the growth of customer profitability and company revenue. In order to connect customer experience to business growth, you need to move past the classic quarterly sales goals, production goals or operational objectives as the only metrics to define how the business is

How social media grows the beloved companies

On Yelp, epinions, and thousands of websites every day, customers aren’t afraid to talk about the companies they love, but first you need to 'earn the right' to their story.

Who is listening to your customer?

Often when a company talks about 'listening' to customers, that notion is immediately collapsed into a 'voice of the customer' program. That is not the action I am referring to. Customer listening is a critical competency of customer experience reliability. Customer listening requires this: Taking customers off the spread sheets and survey results Advancing conversations within

Do you want to be loved by customers?

Do you want to be loved by customers? Imagine customers in their lives. Get to know them. Understand what is important to your customer and obsess about the moments when you intersect their life. Then deliver something that makes those moments better. With your actions, show customers that you make decisions with their point of