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How to engage your contact center agents through empowerment

There's a fundamental link between employee engagement and empowerment. Engagement is defined as the extent to which an employee is deliberately contributing to organizational success. This means an employee needs to know how success is defined. An engaged employee also needs to be empowered to contribute to that success. I recently facilitated a webinar in

How to empathize with customers

The airline passenger was angry about missing her flight. It was her fault. She had been sitting at the bar a short distance from the gate and lost track of time. Those things happen in Las Vegas. Our emotions often rise up to protect our ego, so she looked for someone to blame. The first

Six new customer service tips to share with your team

Each week, I send out a Customer Service Tip of the Week email to my subscribers. (Not a subscriber yet? Get it here.) It's usually a reminder. The idea is to reinforce good customer service skills by starting each week with a specific tip to focus on. Eventually, the tips cycle through and start over

How confirmation bias influences your customers

Imagine taking a train from San Diego to Santa Barbara, California. Beautiful, right? You can probably picture the amazing views of the ocean and the charming beach towns you pass along the way. That's how I describe it. I took that trip recently when I traveled to Santa Barbara to film my latest training videos

Why the phone is still king for customer support

The phone is not dead. Let me tell you why. Actually, allow me to gush. I recently had a customer service experience over the phone that proved why the phone is still king. Melanie, a Verizon Wireless technical support rep, took a minor frustration and turned it into a great experience. She did it primarily

Who you are is how you serve

Two recent customer service experiences stood out for opposite reasons. One was good while the other was poor. They both reminded me that we put a bit of ourselves into every service interaction. Let's start with... The Bad One Take a look at the picture below. The car on the left is parked well over