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Show me the value, or I’ll show you the door

How do you make a sales presentation? No I don’t mean warm up, probe, present, overcome objections, close. I mean what’s the big picture of your sales presentation? What’s the content of your sales presentation? And most important how are you certain that you engage your prospect in your presentation? What makes your sales presentation

The power of paying attention

Since my earliest days of personal development study, my mantra has always been stay a student. I attached an affirmation – a strategy – to that the mantra, "learn something new every day." That strategy has worked and manifested itself in the past 22 years of my writing career. I won't bore you with the

All airlines are the same, except for their people

As you may know, I’m a regular flyer. About 200 flights a year. Mostly on major airlines, but because I’m more interested in flying non-stop than getting travel miles or points, I take whatever airline is most convenient for my schedule. This past Friday I found myself flying Alaska Airlines from Atlanta, Georgia, to Portland,

To serve is to rule. Who are you ruling?

You've all heard the fabulous stories of great service. Nordstrom, Lexus, Auto Zone, Les Schwab, and individuals in small businesses that have gone WAY BEYOND the norm to provide extraordinary service. Then you go to the airport and see some huge banner of an airline BRAGGING about the "satisfaction award" they just won from J.D.

The world is going mobile. Are you moving or standing?

When The Who recorded the song Going Mobile in 1971, they had no idea what the future held, nor that they were the predictors of it. They thought going mobile was all about being on the road, and maybe flying on an airplane. But today, going mobile means a whole lot more. Any business today