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Three indicators you’ll achieve your sales goals this year

Whether you’ll achieve your sales goals or not in 2018 is dependent on these three things.

Why your lead generation expectations are wrong

Too many companies have unrealistic lead-generation expectation and quit well before they have reaped the benefits. Are you one of them?

Why your new business development approach isn’t working

Many business owners don't understand the fundamental law of how new business development actually happens. If you're stuck in a mentality of looking only for opportunities that will close in the next 90 days, not only is that shortsighted, but it's wildly expensive and wrong. What are you doing with the leads that aren't ready

How prospecting KPIs can demotivate your sales reps

The following post was republished with permission from KLA Group. Today I was working with a client setting KPIs (key performance indicators) for a new business development sales rep he wants to hire. We calculated the number of sales they need the rep to make this year, the length of the sales process, the number of

The key to sales success: what makes you different

Many companies feel as if they’re exactly the same as their competitors. Their goal is to run more frequent lead generation campaigns, or hire salespeople who will dial faster and shout louder than their competition. All this so they’ll reach prospects first because they don’t believe they have any unique differentiation to win sales on their