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Customers need reasons to be loyal

In a commodity world, customer loyalty is harder to achieve. Customers want you to stand out and earn their trust. Here is a list of strategies to create a customer centric organization. Get to know the customer. Listen and show you have listened. Deepen the relationship with your knowledge of them and their buying habits.

Customer service basics are timeless

Today’s new buzz words in the world of customer service are “customer engagement” and  “ customer centric”. The concepts are very valid and important to create a relationship with the customer. But as I read the articles I can’t help but think these are just new phrases for the same old stuff that has been

Leadership behaviors required to create a customer-focused culture

Culture is reflected in how people behave. It is a given if you want to change your culture, you must change behaviors. Leaders set the example as they demonstrate it’s about everyone’s behavior. Leadership has to be focused on the strategies that will have a lasting impact on the customer-focused culture. Here are strategies that

Do a reality check on your customer experience

It is easy to think your service efforts are exceptional. Often the reality does not match your opinion. An often quoted piece of research from Bain and Co. tells us how executives tend to misread their performance. When surveying 362 firms, they found that 80 percent believed they delivered a superior experience to their customers.

Your customer-focused culture – time to renovate and retrofit

As Spring approaches, now is a great time for goal setting and organizing. Take the time to apply those disciplines to your customer focus. I suggest going as far as renovation and retrofitting. Creating a customer-focused culture requires strategy and constant review. I encourage you to look at two areas, processes and people, to strengthen

Pay attention – your customer deserves it

Customers deserve respect. Their time and money are valuable and their loyalty is priceless. When you pay attention, you can elevate the customer experience. Here are some recent interactions that show the power of paying attention. Check your organization and identify if these happen at your company. When approaching a counter at a retail store,

Create a customer experience that builds loyalty

In the best of all worlds, happy customers mean loyal customers. Loyal customers talk, create buzz and can be an advocate that leads to more customers. Customers want an exceptional experience and will quickly switch to another company to get that experience. Average and mediocre will be your ticket to customer loss. In a recent

Customers deserve better

When customers call a company, they deserve the best treatment. However many organizations continue to annoy their customers with poorly thought out phone handling. The guilty companies range for the largest to the smallest. The reality is many of those companies do not want the calls. Their desire is that the customer checks the website

The four strategies for customer service leadership

The best customer service organizations have many things in common. I believe the most important is that its leadership focuses on customer service and the customer experience. Check yourself and your leadership against these four strategies. 1. Leaders dedicate dollars, time and creativity to training. They know employees must have ‘state-of-the-art’ skills as well as

A customer-focused culture is about consistency

Customers want a consistent service experience. It seems like that would be easy to deliver yet it is not the norm. Since it is not the norm, consistency becomes a differentiator. Check how well you deliver consistency with these strategies. 1. Be reliable. Get it right the first time. Whatever the customer needs, they want