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Sales leadership begins with having industry knowledge

Are you as smart as your customer when it comes to knowing how your industry operates? Why should a customer make time to speak with us if we don’t have a level of industry knowledge they would find value in? There are far too many salespeople going through the sales motions without a foundational knowledge

How do you engage the prospect?

Many sales processes will tell you to start with the basic questions. The Who, What, Where  and How. The problem is these questions sound more like an interrogation than a conversation. Yet a conversation is exactly what a prospecting call should sound like. So how do you get your customer talking and telling you about

The sales profession in the year 2050

What is the sales profession going to be like in the year 2050? Remember the 1969 song “In The Year 2525?” If you’re too young to remember the song, you better pay attention. If you do remember the song, you may choose to read out of commitment to the industry or mere fascination as to

How accessible is your prospect call list?

Salespeople are quick to make up excuses as to why they haven’t been able to prospect as much as they should be. What makes this funny is salespeople know they should be prospecting more — they know the reasons why they need to do it, but they just don’t do it. Even though they know

Best ways to prevent summer sales call cancellations

Summer is now just arou nd the corner, and with that, salespeople’s focus begins to wander. I always feel if my competition wants to slack off during the summer, I am more than happy to pick up their customers. While some salespeople do cut back during the summer, it can also be the customers who