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What’s in a call plan?

Quite a lot as it happens. I was asked to write a post to celebrate the Q3 launch of NewVoiceMedia’s latest capability. The traditional press release was fine but like a low calorie version of a lasagne bake just failed to satisfy. I then asked for the 29 page PowerPoint version that the product owners

CTI – the original digital glue

Every industry has its three letter acronyms. Knowing them is all part of belonging to that tribe of experts. Contact centres are knee deep in them. ACD, IVR, KPI, SLA, FCR and of course CTI. This last one is maybe the weirdest. In an age of smartphone cleverness and online connectivity, what does Computer Telephony

Let’s hope nuisance calls are making their long goodbye

What do you think about a company that is prepared to phone you on a withheld number between 1.00am and 6.00am in order to sell you a burglar alarm? Now think how much worse that experience would feel like if you were in your last few months of life or recently widowed and by yourself.

Why you should collect digital customer profiles

OK, this post has an interesting origin. I was doing a webinar (Go Digital! Engagement Strategies for Contact Centres) with Emma Samuel (Global Corporate Marketing Director at NewVoiceMedia).  Of course I should have anticipated it given the webinar title was ‘Go Digital!’ and we were spelling out the new doctrine of ‘real time’, ‘innovative’, ‘perpetual

Providing live service for smart products

The world of customer service is ever changing. The capability to deliver omni-channel, personalised customer engagement is now common. It has transformed how organisations from SMEs to global brands deliver their service strategies. Welcome to the next stage. A new service ecosystem Until now the Internet of Things (IoT) and Customer Service operations have not

Why VCs like NewVoiceMedia’s trajectory

What can you do with $50m? Personally this is an exercise in creative imagination I find pretty easy! But I guess the leadership team at NewVoiceMedia have already honed their wish list for powering the globalisation game-plan. The news about ‘exciting news’ has been bringing smiles to the faces I’ve seen at their HQ for

Mobile is another word for happiness

It’s kind of frustrating being out of the office. Well actually in terms of people and scenery many folk prefer to stay out as much as they can. But being on the road is a second best experience as far as getting work done. If you are old school then it’s a phone and paper

What’s in a telephone number?

Change is coming in the way organisations fund their voice-based customer service operations. Both the EU and Ofcom have designs on the number range and pricing of such services. I’ve just spent more than a few bleary eyed hours mugging up to discover this is both a key consumer issue and one that in some

Social customer service and ‘one agenda’

Customer engagement over social channels can cover any and every topic under the sun. This is either a nuisance to the organisational designer who likes to organise customer engagement by queue and category or a welcomed benefit given the internal chemistry it triggers. Now Customer Services has fresh reasons to engage with Marketing as co-managers

Onwards and upwards for social customer service

The growth of customer service via social channels is still in its infancy. That said, it has made incredible strides over the last few years. From a scarcely noticed category of social engagement managed by non-customer service teams, to the emerging model we see today. Slowly but surely, social customer service is being fitted into