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How to hire extraordinary employees for your customer-facing vacancies

Read this guide on finding employees who are inclined and equipped to work with customers.

How to escape the trap of one-size-fits-everyone customer service

There are no such things as “customers” in the plural; there’s only one customer, the one in front of you, the one you are serving. This should guide your customer service approach.

What chocolate can teach you about improving the customer experience

Embracing a “better together” principle can help you build an improved customer experience and a stronger brand.

Five essential principles for building a culture of innovation

One of the hardest parts of building a culture of innovation is simply knowing where to start. So, let’s get going straightaway with five straightforward — not necessarily easy, but easily understandable — ways to get started building a culture of innovation at your company.

10 ways you’re sending the wrong messages to your customer-facing employees

Every single day, every single shift, customer-facing employees see how the leaders in their organization behave and what those leaders value and reward. So, as a leader, even though you’re probably not  intentionally  encouraging your employees to give bad customer service, consider whether your actions, and inactions, are essentially training them to provide customers with less than

Why you don't get credit for great customer service - and how to make sure you do

“Customer service—now  that’s  a dying art.” I hear this sentiment often, and my response is, “Uh … I’m not so sure you’re right about that.” I'm just not convinced that customer service is in particularly bad shape compared to how it was in the gauzy, dimly-remembered past. In fact, objectively speaking, customer service and the customer experience

Five ways to align your customer experience with today’s consumer trends and desires

Although much about providing a great customer experience is timeless, it’s also a good idea to align your strategy with today’s consumer trends. In particular, I suggest adjusting your style of service in the following five ways. Amp up your speed of service. I still hear veteran business people spout that old platitude: “Quality, speed, price

Protecting your customer experience from 'the curse of knowledge'

The worst person to ask for directions is somebody local, who knows the area too, too well. They’ll tell you something along the lines of, “Turn left where the old barn used to be, make a right where Ol’ Sanders was thinking of building a gas station but ended up deciding against it, go 2 miles,

Omnichannel: the future of just about everything

Customers today don’t believe that commerce needs to take place on one channel to the exclusion of another. Younger customers, in particular, have come of age lacking the sense of limitations that their elders have long been forced to accept, and they apply this sense of a boundary-less world to all areas of their life

The importance of employee autonomy

The case for giving employees autonomy in how to carry out their work has been backed up by psychological and management research for more than half a century. It may surprise you just how strong the case is—until you look in the mirror and think about what  you  would require to do great work face