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Leading from the front

I read the basis of this post a while ago, made a note of it, and expanded on it over time. I would like to share it with you, as it moves, and angers me. Take a keen, passionate, dedicated, caring and compassionate person. Recruit them to your organisation and do the following: Undervalue and

A strategy for the long term works

“An obsession with short-term results will destroy value in any business where it’s allowed to reign unchecked” – Don Peppers - US Author and Customer Service Specialist The new CEO of Barclays, Anthony Jenkins, got off to a good start by saying the right words about what Barclays, and the other banks, need to do

The shift in employee expectations

“The majority of the workforce has more talent than they are able to use in their job” – Stephen Covey, author and world authority on leadership. When I heard Stephen say this at a conference a while back, it struck me as most profound, so I developed the thought a bit for my own presentations.

Why is it just the good companies?

I spoke at yet another customer service conference/seminar last week, and it was great, but again the same question nags at me: why is it only the good and great organisations that go to these things? I mean, you never see the budget airlines, and certainly not local borough councils and county councils, and I

Trust in the little things

The other week I did a webinar for NewVoiceMedia on trust. It was fun and I hope all listeners enjoyed it. It reminded me of a couple of super stories I heard a little while ago, and I'd like to share them with you. A lady called her insurance company and said that, unfortunately, her

NewVoiceMedia’s $20m expansion fund

I've just read the super news that NewVoiceMedia has secured $20m funding for expansion internationally. Couldn't be more delighted. I've done a lot of work recently for webinars, articles and in contact centres, and have been really surprised at how slow progress has been in resolving some of the basic internal problems of on-premise technology;