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Are scammers on 'vishing trips' getting away with it?

A recent story on the BBC suggested that scammers targeting consumers with vishing attacks are quite likely to get away with it. Apart from being a silly word derived from another, equally silly, word (phishing), it’s a serious crime. Let’s call it by its proper and serious name – telephone fraud. In effect, criminals call

Why soaring online sales are the best indication of consumers' confidence in data security

A survey recently reported on a tech security site claimed that 77% of UK and US consumers don’t feel safe shopping online and are ‘shying away from their favourite retailers’ as a result. It also said that 59% of the 10,000 people surveyed are uncomfortable sharing sensitive financial and personal information. Well, first off that’s

Who calls you?

Have you ever been called by someone purporting to be from your bank? Probably, the answer is yes. I once had an ongoing row with my bank as I refused to believe that calls were genuine and hung up each time, or ignored the calls once I recognised the number. But they kept coming. It

Coming soon to a call centre near you: more fraudsters (apparently)

Musing through the myriad number of email security newsletters I subscribe to, a headline from a recent addition caught my eye: “Call centre fraud: how to respond”. According to specialist security website BankinfoSecurity, in 2014, the call centre is likely to find itself the object of misplaced affection from more fraudsters than is frankly desirable.

Give your people the facts to counter the social media myths

Recently, I was reading a gadget magazine in the reception area of one of my clients and two thoughts occurred to me (yes, I am capable of two at once). One, how in 2013 did a supposedly serious technology magazine think it was “creative” (let alone acceptable) to put a scantily clad woman on the

The online world is only a reflection of what you do in the real world

Facebook and Twitter are not only a lot of people’s favourite waste of time* they are also incredibly powerful marketing tools when used well. But used badly, half-heartedly or without thinking, the results can be disastrous. Take a recent example of a well-known triple-play provider that decided to embed a promotion in Facebook users’ timelines

Voice authentication needs to move beyond your mother’s maiden name

Process is all important when it comes to ensuring that a call centre agent is talking to the person they say they are, and in an age of increasing cybercrime and identity theft we all need to strictly follow process. But why is it all still so tedious – both for the agent and the

The Spectator should see you can have it all

So, here’s a strangely titled piece in a recent issue of The Spectator : “In praise of rude nerds. The best helpline operatives have the social skills of a breeze-block, but they know their stuff ”. Oh dear, here we go. In true Spectator style, the article argues that too many call centres, in this

Hey you, get over the cloud (and concentrate on business)

Cloud computing. You can’t go anywhere these days without hearing about it - from consumers downloading the latest movies and music on the move, right up to major business leaders talking about how it is revolutionising the way we use IT resources and meet customer demands. And for good reason. Outsourcing key operations to cloud

Customer service in the digital age

The digital age has empowered consumers like never before. Comparison sites have given them access to the kind of tariff and hardware information that once if not exactly secret, was still closely guarded. The rise of social media has given them another outlet in which to compare suppliers and, more worryingly for suppliers, a chance