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A new world record set at Dreamforce

Dreamforce was a great success for NewVoiceMedia, and this year it was the setting for a new world record – the fastest ever contact centre build! On 20th November, our team worked alongside Twilio and Salesforce to build a fully integrated contact centre from scratch in just 20 minutes and 8 seconds; complete with full

Celebrating our world record 28 minute contact centre build

The Call Centre and Customer Management Expo yet again proved to be a huge success for NewVoiceMedia, and this year we were thrilled to conquer our ultimate challenge – building a fully integrated contact centre from scratch in less than an hour. In fact, it took us just 28 minutes and 39 seconds, complete with

A day in the life of a Cloud COO

As the Chief Operating Officer at NewVoiceMedia I have one of the most broad ranging roles in the business. Ultimately my main focus is around our platform, ensuring that we continue to build a highly scalable and performant platform that will enable us to support our global customer base as we grow. It is my

Treating callers well - there's a case to be made

Salesforce comes with some great capabilities for managing cases, or tickets, including automated escalations, entitlements and crowd storming. But what happens when a customer calls you with a case already open? What would be best practice? Certainly not routing the call to a generic support handling team, because it's quite likely to result in the

Beware the iceberg effect

One in a series of "20 Reasons to Host Your Contact Centre in the Cloud". What is the iceberg effect? Well its a fairly topical catch line, but this doesn't refer to the bad weather we are already having or about to have. Rather it's an analogy used to describe a well-known feature of on-premise

Take snow storms, floods and train strikes in your stride

One in a series of "20 Reasons to Host Your Contact Centre in the Cloud". It's that time of year again. Whether its natural, due to snow, fog, floods, or man-made, getting to work can sometimes be difficult or impossible. Snow tyres are not cheap and standing on railway platforms for hours isn't my idea

What does it take to build a relevant Trust site?

And what does relevant mean? Six months ago we began a project to build a site that would let our customers see, in real-time, how our services are performing and what the availability of those services looks like. We wanted to address two out of the top three concerns over adoption of the cloud -

Can you trust the Cloud?

What is "trust"? And what should we look for before we adopt cloud services? A recent survey by Apollo highlighted the chief concerns that users have in adopting cloud services. The top 3 issues in this and many other surveys are Performance, Availability and Security: If cloud-based services are going to move into the mainstream,

NewVoiceMedia at Dreamforce

Last week saw host their annual Dreamforce event in San Francisco, and NewVoiceMedia was there, along with 45,000 other delegates from around the world. The key message from the event, and from Marc Benioff and team, was that the world's gone social. In his usual exuberant style Marc attacked old world competition, using the