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Facing up to the nightmare of staff fraud in a Call Centre

Seeing Ashley’s excellent blog regarding PCI reminded me of another key problem in Call Centre credit card handling. He was explaining the perils of an IT department storing customer records, and the associated damage to a company’s reputation if a security breach should occur. Pointing out that security not only needs a completely honest IT

Using homeworking to reduce call centre costs

In most call centres, call patterns vary over the day, and from day to day, week to week, and season to season. Some companies have a pre-Christmas rush, where other companies like travel agents have their main advertising campaigns starting immediately following Christmas and have their busiest call handling month in January. Each call centre

Reduce spend on hardware and IT support staff

In a world where traditional call centre technology costs money, and where changes to it need to be carried out by specialists in the IT department or external suppliers, cloud technology allows call centre managers to make their own changes and save time and money. Cloud contact centres like NewVoiceMedia's ContactWorld allow call centre managers

Savings from call centre queuing efficiencies

If agents are paid based on skill level, then the ideal agent to serve a customer would normally be the agent who is only skilled enough to fully handle a customer’s enquiry ( as defined by the customer’s choices in their individualised IVR routing menu). This might for example be an agent trained only in

The cloud can save costs associated with job cuts

Whenever the large company I used to work for cut jobs they would have a re-organisation, where all staff were sent to "stand by the playground wall". Business managers were then chosen to run business processes - like Operations, Finance, etc and each was given a new headcount budget. Each manager then picked players from

Using IVR to make savings from self service

IVR can provide significant benefits to customers by offering services around the clock, even on Bank Holidays. It can also provide new services that could never have been cost justified if using real people. For example, the Parcel Tracking service offered by Parcel Carriers, is a key service differentiator as well as a significant benefit

Saving Money with IVR: Skills-based routing

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) functionality is probably the most well known of all call centre technologies. Everyone I know is familiar with the idea of "Please press 1 for Sales, 2 for Service..." and whilst there are many examples of over use, when they are used correctly they are an invaluable tool to help callers