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Improve your process by visualising it

It’s very hard to improve any process if you don’t know what is involved in that process. One of the most useful ways I have found for knowing what is involved in a process is the act of visualising the flow of that process. When you visualise a process you can often immediately see areas

The long search for ice cream sauce

I’ve recently been doing my food shopping online. No more wandering around the store and queuing. This week though I swapped online supermarkets in a bid to save some money and all I did was waste a load more time. In my opinion, search is at the heart of everything in the world of online

Another successful ShipIt day

Last week we had another successful two days of ShipIt. As usual, we started with a few preliminary meetings to go over the guidance, start planning some ideas and form the teams. On the first day (Wednesday), we had a fairly quiet kick-off as the team got stuck in to shipping stuff. The teams mixed up

Latest release - Blockbuster recruitment video!

We've been growing our development team here at NewVoiceMedia for a few months now - recruiting some of the brightest and most ambitious people in the industry. The good news is that we're looking for more talented developers to join us. Here's a recruitment video that we've put together over the last few weeks, to

ShipIt Days: How NewVoiceMedia drives innovation in the contact centre industry

We’ve finished our very first ShipIt day(s) last week. It was excellent and we saw some really great work created, lots of collaboration through the dev team and a real sense of enjoyment from those involved. We took inspiration from the clever team over at Atlassian. More can be found on the roots and details

What are Kanban Boards and why are they important to our customers?

When we do tours of our office for customers, prospects, new starters and other guests we often get asked a number of questions about our development Kanban boards. It seemed appropriate to write a few words on what the boards are and why we use them. So what is a Kanban Board? The Kanban (in

Agile, Marshmallows and the BizAcademy

Each year NewVoiceMedia takes part in the Salesforce BizAcademy. The Salesforce BizAcademy is a scheme set up by Salesforce to engage with youths from under-resourced and low-income communities. It is organised and arranged here at NewVoiceMedia through our GivingVoice charitable activities group with Tom Furr, our GivingVoice Director ( @tomfurr ) and Charlie Cowan, our

Agile Development: Creating a learning environment

This post is part of our series on the agile development process that we follow at NewVoiceMedia. A core focus of Agile (and self organising teams) is that you should strive to create a learning environment. An environment where you are always learning, improving and reducing waste. This is fundamental to what we do here

Agile Development: Why owning our own code is so important.

This post is part of our series on the agile development process that we follow at NewVoiceMedia. The Call Centre industry has traditionally been dominated by vendors selling individual capabilities such as IVR and Call Recording all bundled together to create a holistic Call Centre solution. This approach has typically relied on an Integration Service

Releasing Often: How rapid delivery helps us develop faster

This post is part of our series on the agile development process that we follow at NewVoiceMedia. One of our main principles as an agile team is that we release new versions of the software to live regularly. Gone are the days of releasing every year in a "big bang" style, only to find the