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Do ‘captive customers’ deserve customer service excellence?

A government employee questioned whether my service teaching had any value for his department. After all, he reasoned, why bother providing customer service excellence to “captive customers” who have no choice? I’ve got many answers to this loaded question. These three pack a punch: First, captive customers may have no choice about whether or not

Grading customer service excellence

One workshop participant asked this question about grading customer service excellence: “I’m designing a performance measurement system for our in-house technology team and have run into a disagreement with my boss. “He would grade a support technician as ‘A’ if the Service Level Agreement (SLA) norms have been met, and ‘A+’ for any additional enthusiasm

Create a customer service culture to stand out in the crowd

When a business clearly defines its customer service culture in its mission statement, values and goals, great things can happen. The right words inspire, motivate and encourage people to achieve excellence. A great example of how a finely crafted mission statement can create a customer service culture comes out of Singapore. The colonial post office

Listen for the right words to measure customer service

You can tell a lot about a company and its commitment to customers in the words employees use. Open your ears and you will find it’s easier to measure customer service levels than you might think. I enjoy high-end music systems in my home and office. One day I called the dealer to order extra

The amazing Harvey Mackay demonstrates impeccable customer service skills

Harvey Mackay is the author of Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive and other bestsellers. More than 10,000,000 of his books have been purchased around the world. He is also a master of using excellent customer service skills. Harvey is founder of the Mackay Envelope Corporation and is one remarkable human being. I

When does customer service excellence become ‘legendary?’

Legendary service. Many organizations use this phrase to describe and promote their service. But how many have really earned the right to claim customer service excellence? If you give good service, that’s not legendary. If you go out of your way for someone, that’s not legendary either. But if you provide service unsurpassed in your

Customer service excellence demands total commitment from all departments

I am amazed at the effort companies put into building service brands on the outside, yet how fragmented they can be on the inside when it comes to customer service excellence. When fragmentation on the inside is experienced by customers on the outside, real trouble is brewing for the brand and any changes of being

Set a customer service culture with three steps to welcome

What a conversation! A British gentleman working in global logistics, his American entertainer wife who recently became a mother, an Australian event coordinator and me. Four different cultures – and different points of view. We talked about the service we received at retail stores, banks, restaurants, hotels and airlines around the world. We each had

100% is not enough to impress with customer service quality. You need 120%

When a company reaches the top, does customer service quality still matter? Industry leaders tend to think so. I recently organized a service bench-marking visit to Singapore for 22 Korean sales and service trainers. In seven days we visited 23 leading organizations. A very busy week! At the Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew Training Center, one

Inspire customer service improvement with personal diamond awards

The Olympic Games are a global celebration of challenge, performance and achievement. Around the world, viewers thrill to see who takes home the Bronze, Silver and Gold. I enjoy looking deeper, silently granting “Personal Diamond Awards” to anyone who goes faster, higher or longer and achieves a “personal best.” What would the Olympics be like