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How to stop your customer journey from ending with a competitor

This post features tips to ensure the customer journey ends with you.

Facts vs. emotions: when to use each tactic to make a sale

What part do facts and emotions play when it comes to making a sale? Learn when to use logic or emotion when it comes to the consumer.

Four things successful sales teams have in common with top sports teams

From “the ball is in our court” to “down to the wire,” sports  metaphors have long been a part of office language. That’s  because the collaborative and competitive nature of business, and in particular, sales, is similar to sports. To be a successful sales person requires a competitive personality, along with motivation and self-confidence. And all

10 truths about social customer service

Social media has changed the rules of customer service. There was a time when if a customer wanted to complain, they’d have to dial the customer service number and then wait in a queue for 10, 20 or 30 minutes. If they were a bit irritated when they picked up the phone, they were likely to be

Why call centres will be run by marketing in 2020

Every business has two teams that deal with customer communications: marketing and customer service. But they rarely talk to each other. Can you spot the problem with this? The average organisation has a customer service team whose primary function is to react to customer problems. And, in a different department, there's the marketing team, which

Are you ready for the customer-led economy?

To many CEOs it’s an unwelcome development, but one that’s undeniable – businesses are no longer in charge. Companies are not the only ones with information, power and technology. Consumers are armed with a smartphone, and this single device has changed the business to consumer relationship. Technology has disrupted the status quo, shifting the balance

Six tips for scaling your sales and service team

What works for six people can become a mess when applied to 60, 600 or 6,000. From the technology you use, the people you employ and the business processes you set in motion, everything has to be scalable. This is particularly true in customer service; a rapidly growing business with a stagnant customer service team

Inside sales revolution: Is it time to bring the outside in?

The term ‘inside sales’ was first applied to remote sales in the late 1980s, when it was set up as the direct opposite of ‘outside sales’ – that is, the face-to-face field sales approach. For a long time, inside sales was seen as an outlier, a young upstart, and was relegated to the side lines

How to avoid becoming a victim of 'Digital Darwinism'

Nearly half of the companies that were at the top of the Fortune 500 in 2000 were no longer there in 2010, research showed. Why? Many businesses have become victims of what's known as "digital Darwinism". This phrase describes the phenomenon when technology and society evolve faster than an organisation can adapt. As we know

Six customer service mistakes you probably don’t know you’re making (and how to fix them)

It’s natural to always be on the lookout for ways to improve customer service at your organisation – but, sometimes, we’re so busy looking elsewhere that we don’t recognise what’s right under our own noses. How else can you explain these common customer service mistakes, which are so ubiquitous that many businesses don’t even know