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How to implement a successful omni-channel strategy and solution

Now, more than ever, deploying an effective omni-channel strategy is critical to business success. If your business is looking to deliver a more complete customer experience, this poses two questions: What elements should you consider as you develop your omni-channel strategy? And what do you need to look for in your solution?

Discover the benefits of omni-channel integration with our demo

Omni-channel technology can play an important role in your contact center’s strategy when used effectively. Watch NewVoiceMedia’s demo to find out more.

Menu monster: the IVR that devoured customer experience

Imagine a technology that promises to help your business but instead is poisoning your customer’s experiences. A technology so overlooked that it can sap the goodwill from thousands of customers every day without anyone paying attention to it – until it’s too late! We’ve traced the source of this evil ...

See an omni-channel contact center in action

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Whisper Coaching: How Will AI Make Your Whispering More Effective?

To the customer, the ideal interaction often feels like a conversation – just the customer and the company representative, talking through the issues together, person to person.

Tough Customers

When faced with tough customers ask Colin Greenwood and Richard Ogley. They are here to help.

Exclusive look into cloud contact center built for Salesforce

See the Salesforce-centric contact center in action and discover the difference it can make for your business.

The shift: From customer service to customer experience

As scores of attendees to Salesforce World Tour packed the impressive all-glass venue in Midtown New York a small group of thought leaders kicked it off with an early morning breakfast to discuss AI, chatbots, omni-channel, and analytics for contact centers. The discussion organically tilted toward customer experience rather than customer service - a subtle, but noteworthy shift in being customer centric.

No BS bots

As technologies such as artificial intelligence and bots threaten to upend the contact center, the world must find a balance between using cutting-edge technology and fostering human connections. Dennis Fois, President of NewVoiceMedia and an expert in both modern technology and human conversation is just the man for the job.

How Artificial Intelligence is making customer support more efficient

An angry customer is two or three times more likely to leave a negative review, and 80% of customers will steer clear of a business with negative reviews. Getting it wrong may even earn you some really bad press. Getting it right isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible either. So how do you keep customers happy?

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