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No BS bots

As technologies such as artificial intelligence and bots threaten to upend the contact center, the world must find a balance between using cutting-edge technology and fostering human connections. Dennis Fois, President of NewVoiceMedia and an expert in both modern technology and human conversation is just the man for the job.

How Artificial Intelligence is making customer support more efficient

An angry customer is two or three times more likely to leave a negative review, and 80% of customers will steer clear of a business with negative reviews. Getting it wrong may even earn you some really bad press. Getting it right isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible either. So how do you keep customers happy?

5 ways to stay ahead of your competition with speech analytics

Speech analytics is one of the fastest-growing contact center technologies because it allows businesses to transform unstructured audio content into actionable insights.

Five ways Artificial Intelligence can help your business sell more

Here are five of the best reasons AI-powered capabilities can help your business sell more.

5 reasons you can’t afford to miss Salesforce World Tour London

With the countdown to ‘doors open’ fast approaching, Salesforce World Tour London is shaping up to be a fantastic day packed full of insights and innovation.

PCI FAQs and myths

Compliance means you’re doing everything you can to ensure that you and your customers are protected. Yet even though you may already understand how vital PCI compliance is for your business, it still may not be in 100 percent compliance.

Salesforce World Tour recap: revolution in progress

Salesforce World Tour New York brought together more than 12,000 attendees for a day of education and inspiration designed to empower them to create more connected customer experiences.

A conversation on omni-channel with Sheila McGee-Smith

NewVoiceMedia CEO Dennis Fois recently had the opportunity to catch up with Sheila McGee-Smith, founder and principal analyst of McGee-Smith Analytics, for a conversation about how omni-channel service trends are impacting contact centers.

5 service expectations that brands aren't meeting

These five significant gaps between customer expectations and service could be hurting your business.

Getting Emotional: Experts Share Secrets To CX Success

Brands that create customer experiences that drive positive emotions dramatically outperform those that get it wrong in retention, revenue and even stock price growth. So what’s their secret?

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