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Whisper Coaching: How Will AI Make Your Whispering More Effective?

To the customer, the ideal interaction often feels like a conversation – just the customer and the company representative, talking through the issues together, person to person.

2019 predictions for ambitious contact centres

It’s my favourite webinar of the year – our most popular and great fun! This year we had registrations from New Zealand to New York in order to share views on this year’s predictions.

Jonty Pearce, editor of pointed out that the annual webinar, which this post is based on, has a pretty good track record. Nine out of the ten topics mentioned in our inaugural 2014 version have become mainstream. So, here’s hoping that form still runs true for this latest iteration.

10 trends changing customer expectations

The essential principles of customer service are timeless, but consumer expectations are not. Here are 10 trends changing consumer expectations.

Tough Customers

When faced with tough customers ask Colin Greenwood and Richard Ogley. They are here to help.

The shift: From customer service to customer experience

As scores of attendees to Salesforce World Tour packed the impressive all-glass venue in Midtown New York a small group of thought leaders kicked it off with an early morning breakfast to discuss AI, chatbots, omni-channel, and analytics for contact centers. The discussion organically tilted toward customer experience rather than customer service - a subtle, but noteworthy shift in being customer centric.

Improvements to make if you’re getting bad customer service survey results

Disappointing results on a customer service survey can be more than demoralizing. The solution is one - improve! Here is how.

The ABCs of competing on customer service with better-resourced companies

If your company has limited resources and modest means, there are still ways to follow in the footsteps of the customer service-focused companies with nearly unlimited budgets that you hear so much about: Apple and Zappos, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus, Amazon and Nordstrom.

Marc Benioff… I’d like to chat

Hello. My name’s Tom Furr and I’m Head of Brand for NewVoiceMedia. And today, I’m excited to bring you, CONVO — our brand-new magazine about the art of great conversations. It’s got interviews, it’s got features and it’s got some meaty questions to really get you thinking.

The inspirational quotes of Dreamforce 2018

After two fun, informative and action-packed days, it’s hard to believe there are only two more days of Dreamforce 2018! With 3,200+ sessions, 170,000+ people registered – including plenty of A-list luminaries – and around 10 million joining in online, we’re thoroughly inspired, a little exhausted, but eager to see what the rest of the festivities will bring!

An Even Better Connection: What Salesforce’s Customer 360 Means to the Value of Voice Data

Hang around the CRM space long enough and you’re bound to hear the term “360-dgeree view of the customer.” It’s a shorthand way to talk about knowing a lot about the customer – although 360 degrees is a nearly unachievable ideal.

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