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The year of emotive customer experience

In today’s Age of the Customer, personal, emotional customer interactions play a critical role in bridging the gap for what disruption and digital innovation alone cannot solve.

Three indicators you’ll achieve your sales goals this year

Whether you’ll achieve your sales goals or not in 2018 is dependent on these three things.

Passing the test of time: Is it still possible to stay in business for 100 years?

Sustainability, resilience, longevity: these are things that most companies strive for – but how easy are they to achieve in the modern business environment?

Why your lead generation expectations are wrong

Too many companies have unrealistic lead-generation expectation and quit well before they have reaped the benefits. Are you one of them?

The smartest thing at Dreamforce: How AI transforms sales

No longer an emerging tech, AI can transform the way your business targets leads and closes sales today.

5 ways cloud technology can aid sales success

Here, we outline five ways in which adopting cloud technology can lead to sales success in your business.

Facts vs. emotions: when to use each tactic to make a sale

What part do facts and emotions play when it comes to making a sale? Learn when to use logic or emotion when it comes to the consumer.

Why your new business development approach isn’t working

Many business owners don't understand the fundamental law of how new business development actually happens. If you're stuck in a mentality of looking only for opportunities that will close in the next 90 days, not only is that shortsighted, but it's wildly expensive and wrong. What are you doing with the leads that aren't ready

Four things successful sales teams have in common with top sports teams

From “the ball is in our court” to “down to the wire,” sports  metaphors have long been a part of office language. That’s  because the collaborative and competitive nature of business, and in particular, sales, is similar to sports. To be a successful sales person requires a competitive personality, along with motivation and self-confidence. And all

12 sales email mistakes that can damage your pipeline

This post originally appeared on and is republished here with permission. Cold sales email campaigns are one of the most effective ways a company can begin conversations that drive new revenue. That said, too many businesses fail to recognize that  sending cold emails  is a bit like playing with fire — it’s easy to

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