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NewVoiceMedia GivingVoice logoHere at NewVoiceMedia we’re growing fast and change is constant. As part of that change we have recently relaunched our corporate giving strategy, previously known as the NewVoiceMedia Foundation.

Now called GivingVoice it is being lead by Tom Furr, and we caught up with him to understand exactly what the new initiative is all about.

So what’s new with our corporate giving?

Everything! We realigned our focus, changed the name and updated the logo. We are aiming to make a bigger impact so we are focusing on three key areas and will make a real difference within those. The three areas are matched funding, volunteering and fundraising.

Tell us a bit more about them!

Tom Furr

Tom Furr leads GivingVoice

Well to start with matched funding, every year our employees get involved with challenges and fundraising outside of work for initiatives which are personal to them – it might be a bike ride or a marathon.

So we decided to match any funds raised by an employee up to £1000. The up side to this is that we hope it will inspire people who don’t normally get involved to have a go. Hopefully the matched funding will show that they can make a big difference to their chosen cause.

What about fundraising?

Throughout the year we are going to be holding numerous fundraising events to raise cash for charities which support people with communication difficulties. The reason for this is that our business is based around voice, so it made sense to align our corporate giving with our commercial focus. We are still on the look out for a suitable charity to partner with, so if that sounds like you then get in touch!

And volunteering?

At NewVoiceMedia each employee gets an extra two days paid a year where they can volunteer on a charitable project chosen by us. In the past this meant grabbing a paint brush or power drill and spending the day on some manual labour. However we decided that there must be charities out there which could make use of our internal skills, such as our sales and marketing abilities or our technical prowess!

So this year we are looking at skills based volunteering opportunities. We already have some projects in the pipeline: Soon we will be sending out one of our technical experts to upgrade a charity to Microsoft Exchange and one of our finance team to help a charity submit its annual accounts. We will update the blog to show how they got on!

Why have you chosen to lead Giving Voice?

I guess the main reason was that it presented an opportunity to make an impact. My background is in marketing so I am enjoying the challenge of doing something different but still approaching the project as normal and thinking about the end user. In this case it’s charities and how we can help them best.

Isn’t corporate giving all about making a company look good?

As individuals many of us already devote time and money to good causes. Working together allows us to make a larger impact and a bigger difference. If it does make us look good then great, but it’s not the reason we do it. We are here because we want to help others.

How do charities get in touch with you?

If you want to get in touch you can drop me an email at anytime attom.furr@newvoicemedia.comor find out more about GivingVoice.

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