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Customer experience is a top priority for Vax. True to its innovative products, Vax uses the latest in cloud technology from NewVoiceMedia and Salesforce® to achieve amazing results in its new customer contact centre:

  • First contact resolution has risen from 78% to an industry leading 87%
  • Efficiency has escalated, with headcount falling from 97 to 84 while handling the same number of contacts
  • Employee satisfaction in the contact centre has rocketed from being the lowest ranking department in the organisation to the highest
  • Average call handling time has been reduced by 20 seconds
  • Number of calls per period per advisor increased from an average 6 calls per hour to 8 calls per hour

I have to pinch myself. We've got a great new contact centre and highly motivated customer engagement team. Previously, we had people upset on the floor; there were numerous complaints from customers - it's such a step-change. The team have done an amazing job. I'm delighted for our customers. We're working at the next level.

Carole Edwards
Head of Customer Contact

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