Role Overview & Responsibilities:

Our Software Development team are constantly pushing the boundaries of performance and scalability.

As part of this exciting organisation your responsibilities will be to:

  • Create a performant, secure, scalable service that our customers will rave about.
  • Continuously improve and automate the monitoring and deployment of our cloud service.

Your focus will be on:

  • A global, multi-tenanted, real-time service, with thousands of concurrent users.
  • A diverse technical environment, including both Windows and Linux based technologies.
  • Advanced algorithms, including statistical analysis, machine learning and routing.
  • A continuously evolving platform that supports weekly releases with no downtime.

In addition, you will be able to participate in a number of activities including:

  • Hack-a Thons
  • Lunch & Learn
  • Training Courses and Conferences
  • Open Source Contributions


A flavour of the technologies we use:

  • We are looking for experienced developers- minimum of 3 years- that can use a breadth of               technologies and languages to create maintainable, scalable and secure solutions:
  • C#, MySQL & MariaDB, Python, Chef, Jenkins, RabbitMQ, NewRelic, StatsD, ModSec, Mono,          AWS, Angular.js, C++, R, ElasticSearch, LogStash.
  • Processes include: BDD and TDD- strong, practical knowledge, Scrum-ban, and Continuous                Deployment.
  • Experienced in Open Source
  • Degree and/or qualified by experience

Common Character Traits:

  • Able to work collaboratively within different teams
  • Possess sound commercial judgement
  • Passionate about delivering excellence
  • Self-starting and able to self-manage

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