Cradlepoint Improves their Supervisor and Agent Experience

Cory McNutt, the Salesforce Administrator, explains how Cradlepoint uses Caller ID, case-based routing, and screen pops to prepare agents, boost first-call resolution, and reduce agent handle time with NewVoiceMedia's intelligent routing.

Streamline the Salesforce user experience by keeping service and sales people within Salesforce while interacting with customers.

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Agent UX Features

Contact Pad

Salesforce users can have omni-channel conversations from within Salesforce with our embedded Contact Pad, as well as set their availabiliy across all channels, check queue activity, and peek at peer presence.


Streamline conversations by providing a screen pop of any object in Salesforce, like cases, contacts or any customer object. This saves agent time and effort, while improving the customer experience.


Salesforce integration provdes a better path than slow, manual dialing. Click-to-dial any number from any Salesforce object, including leads, contacts and cases. Or, do automated dialling, using preview and automatic mode, from one lead list that is created, stored, & instantly updated within Salesforce.

Automatic call logging and recording

All activity gets logged and recorded automatically, including logging call activity into the history of custom objects. This saves your agents valuable time while also facilitating training, quality assurance and regulatory compliance.

Voice Controls

Users speaking with customers can place, transfer, park or start conference calls. Users can also record conversatiosn, which are automatically logged into Salesforce along with the call detail records.


Salesforce users can make or receive phone calls from within Salesforce with our embedded Contact Pad. Users can place, transfer, park or start conference calls.

Flexible working

Your users don’t need to be tied to their desks – they have the full flxibility to to work from home, or another office. All they need is a phone and internet connection to access the NewVoiceMedia platform. Users can also leave their desk and forward inbound callers to their mobile phones.

Case Notification

Notify your agents if they have been assigned a case by another agent, or if Salesforce has created a new case with their name on it.

Voicemail Drop

Hitting a voicemail is inevitable for an inside sales team, so agents can pre-record voicemails and then drag and drop them into the dialler as soon as the “leave a message” tone is heard. There’s no need to stay on the line, the message will play while the agent moves onto the next call.

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