Cradlepoint Improves Supervisor and Agent Experience

Cory McNutt, the Salesforce Administrator, explains how Cradlepoint uses Caller ID, case-based routing, and call recording to prepare agents, boost first-call resolution, and reduce agent handle time with NewVoiceMedia.

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Call Recording Features


NewVoiceMedia call recordings are attached as links within the Salesforce Task object (Lead, Account, Opportunity or Case when applicable), which makes it easy to find any recorded conversation by simply clicking the recording link.

Call recording storage & cost savings

Call recordings are stored in the NewVoiceMedia cloud (and are encrypted via AES256) rather than Salesforce, which can result in significant costs savings. Recordings can also be downloaded from NewVoiceMedia to any other storage medium.

Inbound call recording

Rules can be configured within your individual interaction plans—for example, one interaction plan might be confiured to record all calls, another to record a percentage of calls, another to record calls from specific callers, and another to record calls based on specific options on a menu.

Outbound call recording

Controlled by an account-wide setting, meaning that all outbound calls by all agents are treated the same; outbound calls are either recorded or not. Outbound call recordings can be set as enabled or disabled by NewVoiceMedia.

Call transfers to third parties

When an agent transfers a call that is being recorded to a third-party outside of the NewVoiceMedia platform, by default, the call recording continues. Call recordings can be configured to stop by NewVoiceMedia if required.

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