SixPackAbs coaches teams to higher performance with NewVoiceMedia

SixPackAbs is a fitness product and services provider that needed a solution to help manage dramatic growth to better support operations and ensure service quality. Chase Larson, the CTO of SixPackAbs, discusses how NewVoiceMedia’s Conversation Analyzer enabled them to train the team to sell better and support customers more effectively by recording, analyzing, and understanding every single phone conversation all from within the Salesforce environment.

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Coaching Features

3-Way mode

The supervisor joins the call as a third party, similar to being in a conference call, and can speak and be heard by the agent and the customer. All three parties are recorded if the call is recorded.

Secret monitor mode

The supervisor cannot be heard on the call by either the agent or the customer. Only the agent and the customer are recorded if the call is recorded.

Whisper coaching mode

The supervisor can listen to the conversation between the agent and the customer. The supervisor can speak to and coach the agent live during the call, but the customer cannot hear anything that the supervisor says. If the call is recorded, that the supervisor makes are also recorded.

Speech Analytics

The NewVoiceMedia Conversation Analyzer transcribes, tags, and analyzes 100% of all customer conversations, which are then automatically logged into Salesforce objects, like contacts, cases, and custom objects.

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NewVoiceMedia's gamification introduces game-type elements and principles into everyday work processes; incentivising employees, rewarding them when they reach a personal or business goal and discouraging negative behaviour.

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NewVoiceMedia can record all inbound and outbound calls. These recordings are readily available for Supervisors to review and score as part of on-going coaching and training, dispute research/resolution or compliance.

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