Our work with BrightCurrent

Since 2011, BrightCurrent has focused exclusively on clean energy education and sales, but more recently they expanded their business to focus on helping the biggest brands in clean energy to execute integrated sales campaigns. BrightCurrent soon recognized its legacy phone system fell short of the task. Its partners also required easy access to call recordings which its current system did not provide. BrightCurrent was also looking to improve rep productivity by increasing prospect pick-up rates so that more appointments could be made for partners.

Since using NewVoiceMedia's ContactWorld for Sales, BrightCurrent has seen the following benefits:

  • 30% increase in prospect call pick-up rates.
  • 30-60 seconds saved per call
  • 5% - 8% increase in conversion rates for calls to appointments
  • +75% calls made per hour
  • Flexibility to handle a 350% increase in lead volume
“We found a market where a lot of clean energy companies had web-leads or phoneleads and not enough people to call them…so we expanded our inside sales team so we could qualify them and set appointments”.

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