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Canadian Cancer Society in Saskatchewan (CCSK) has overcome the odds by taking a long-term view and making strong and engaging relationships with its supporters a key priority. This success is due to a new Omni-Channel Engagement Center with technology from NewVoiceMedia and Salesforce®. This engagement center led to a 30% uplift in participant retention and 70% increase in pledge numbers with an overall increase in fundraising of 225%. The functionality provided by NewVoiceMedia in the creation of the engagement center included benefits such as:

  • Easy to use and configure
  • Unlimited scale and flexibility for changing demand
  • Real-time reporting and tracking to improve customer service

It was quicker than I expected...and NewVoiceMedia presented us with all sorts of options which enabled us to do things we hadn't previously thought about.

Catherine Moore
Senior Director, Strategic Engagement & Platform Development

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