Our work with Debt Busters

In 2014, Debt Busters were ready to take its business to the next level. The main issue was the inefficiencies with the legacy client database and telephony system. Co-Founder Simon Frew says “We realized that the existing phone system and CRM software was not capable of handling the growth we were anticipating.” Time was wasted every day when calls were going to the wrong people. There was only a very basic system for inbound calls where all phones would ring at the same time.

Since using NewVoiceMedia's ContactWorld for Sales, Debt Busters has seen the following benefits:

  • 500% increase in connect rates for outbound calls to new clients
  • 3 minutes saved on agent wrap time for each customer call
  • Better management training and agent development
  • Improved customer satisfaction
I always have the NewVoiceMedia ContactWorld panel open, which allows me to quickly gauge my service levels at a glance.

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