Our work with Ebury

Ebury employs a unique business model for the FinTech industry. Instead of solely relying on inbound marketing to attract difficult to reach SME customers, Ebury makes outbound calls directly to potential clients. Toby Young, CTO, says “Our growth has come from identifying the right companies to call and contacting them in a proactive way.” With half the company in sales positions, this model has proved incredibly effective, but according to Toby the business “wanted to make it really easy and efficient for a salesperson to make a call and ensure they were calling from inside a CRM system.” Ebury also lacked visibility of the sales process across its different jurisdictions – the UK, Spain, The Netherlands and Poland – which was slowing the business’s progression. A cloud-based sales process was needed to further accelerate Ebury’s growth.

By using NewVoiceMedia's platform, Ebury has:

  • saved £40,000 after moving into 6 markets, without having to add any additional support resources
  • seen a 30% growth in calls made
  • achieved £120,000 additional revenue due to quicker wrap time, ease of use and gamification
The best outcome of the system is transparency across the sales estate. It’s easy to drop in and out of the call. It’s faster to educate and get junior sales teams up to scratch.

Sell more. Serve better. Grow faster.

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