Our work with JustGiving

Trusted by more than 13,000 charities and used in more than 160 countries, JustGiving has helped 24 million people to raise a staggering $3.3 billion for charity. NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld for Service is enabling JustGiving to grow its services globally. With a team in Sydney and ongoing expansion in the Asia-Pacific region, ContactWorld for Service can be scaled at any time to meet customer demand thanks to its true cloud technology. And this isn’t the only benefit, since choosing NewVoiceMedia JustGiving have benefitted from:

  • Salesforce® integration with NewVoiceMedia
  • Better advisor experience, including call recording for advisor training
  • Fast Outbound calling for proactive customer care
  • Case-based management and improved workflow
We aim to give our users the best possible experience when giving online, so being able to recognize callers and deliver a personalized service is invaluable. Providing excellent customer support is so important to us, and with ContactWorld we are handling calls more efficiently and improving the satisfaction of our service users.

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