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Platform Black’s radical invoice financing system is meeting the huge demand from SMEs, Platform Black enables SMEs to select the invoices they want to finance and set the maximum price they are prepared to pay – investors then compete through auctions to drive down the cost of finance that the SME pays. It empowers businesses to manage cashflow by turning invoices into working capital at a price they set or less. Louise has identified key benefits using NewVoiceMedia:

  • Scalable technology – from 10 account managers to 50 and beyond
  • Salesforce® integration – “If it doesn’t truly integrate with Salesforce®, you’re not in the race”
  • Compliance – Everybody is happy with office and mobile call recording
With 10,000 inbound calls per annum and 25,000 outbound, ensuring service is as personalized and tailored as possible is crucial. ContactWorld offers us complete visibility of all customer interactions, provides fantastic reporting and we’re able to communicate in a way that's appropriate to each customer or prospect. In less than two years, we've created a new financial services product and traded over £70m, which is an incredible achievement for Platform Black. The solution has completely transformed our sales business and will support our continued rapid growth.

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