Our work with Six Pack Abs

Six Pack Abs generates thousands of leads from its extensive reach and internet marketing. In the beginning, Dan Rose, CEO, would use his cell phone to follow up on those leads but soon realised the business needed something special if it was going to keep up with its growing demand.

They needed to automate processes, but with the right technology investment. Through NewVoiceMedia’s technology, Six Pack Abs achieved the following benefits:

  • 127% increase in deals closed per day
  • 276 minutes saved per day through click-to-dial
  • 69 days cut from new agent’s ramp to profitability time
  • Improvement in connection rates by up to 40%
  • Increased closing rates by 32% on connected calls

To find out more download the Six Pack Abs case study

NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld solution has been an absolute game-changer for the growth of our sales floor. Its integration with Salesforce and the power of its technology have completely changed the dynamics of our sales team and allowed them to hit conversion metrics that are unheard of in our industry. I would recommend NewVoiceMedia to any company that uses phones in any capacity.

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