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SureFlap designed, delivered and launched a completely new customer service operation for thousands of pet owners across Europe. Where previously calls and emails had been handled by an outsourcer, SureFlap brought customer service in-house using NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld for Service with some impressive results. The transition was carefully planned and completely seamless. SureFlap’s customer service team now answers calls in the right language from France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the UK. Other benefits:

  • Easy set-up and no programming
  • Multilingual call routing saves customers’ time
  • Salesforce® integration drives efficiency
  • Skills development through fantastic call recording

ContactWorld has played a crucial role in delivering excellent service to our customers. By moving to the cloud, we are able to offer our customers a completely personalized service, regardless of location. We’re now looking forward to implementing it throughout our global sales organization in the coming weeks.

Sarah Metcalfe
Customer Service Manager

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