Our work with Technology Trust

Technology Trust was set up in 2001 to make it easier for the third sector to access technology and software, bridging the gap between charities with constricted budgets, and software companies and technology providers willing to donate their products. Technology Trust wanted to extend the flexibility and features of cloud contact centre technology to its customer services team. 

Through NewVoiceMedia’s platform, Technology Trust has increased agent efficiency, served customers better and has the data to drive successful decision making:

  • Less than 1 percent call abandonment rate
  • 93% customer service satisfaction
  • 50% increase in calls handled, now 15,000 each year

To find out more download the Technology Trust case study

Now we can begin to understand what the calls coming in are about, and this gives a data-driven view of what we should be prioritising, and what we need to do to make things work more effectively for charities

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