Our work with Wowcher

In 2013, Wowcher’s Head of Customer Service Samantha Tomlinson and Head of Operations Julian Boardman faced three major challenges; connections between sales and customer service could not be made, advisor performance was varied and needed improvement plus first contact resolution was poor. This led to them to invest in NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld for Service, the key benefits for Wowcher were:

  • 25% of calls resolved using ContactWorld for Service with IVR
  • Costs are down and flexibility is up
  • Employee satisfaction had leapt to 91% producing a much improved customer experience
  • Continuous improvement enabled through real-time reporting and analytics
Whilst there is still work to do, NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld solution has revolutionized our customer service efficiency and helped us create a great place to work, with 91 percent advisor satisfaction. We’re pleased to have improved first contact resolution and our customers now benefit from a completely unique, personalized experience every time they call. As a cloud solution, ContactWorld can scale as our business grows and users are able to log into the same system from wherever they are, meaning our staff can work from any location – great for disaster recovery planning and enabling home working.

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