NVM’s dialler eliminates the agent manual dialling process removes the chance of misdialling and reduces downtime between calls, creating more time for longer, more meaningful conversations or more calls. Pop web pages outside of Salesforce so your agents have all the information at their fingertips.

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The perfect mode whatever the conversation

Preview mode

Your agent clicks a ‘Dial’ button to connect each call, with the opportunity to skip and flag any calls not made which allows time for research and is ideal for more complex calls.

Automatic mode

As soon as your agent is presented with the next contact record, the contact is automatically dialled which removes the wait time between connections and is ideal for calls that are similar in nature.


Hitting a voicemail is inevitable for an inside sales team, so agents can pre-record voicemails and then drag and drop them into the dialler as soon as the “leave a message” tone is heard. There’s no need to stay on the line, the message will play while the agent moves onto the next call.

Everything you need and nothing you don’t

  • Auto dial functionality based on Salesforce lists and campaigns
  • Prioritise and order the calls using any combination or criteria
  • Track all activity & report using Salesforce tools & dashboards
  • Dialler interface automatically pops detail page for the next priority item
  • Intelligent dial lists that update with new contact information as-and-when it changes
  • Create dial lists from reports in order to have a truly targeted campaign
  • Automatic presentation of CLID to present a local number when dialling
  • All activity and call recordings logged automatically

How we've helped...

Six Pack Abs

We helped Six Pack Abs achieve a 500% growth in sales with our technology at the core of its sales engine. Our contact centre solution helps SPA, help people get their perfect six pack.

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"Before, we were manually dialling, taking at least five seconds to dial a number. It doesn’t sound like a long time but when you multiply that by 20 guys over 12 hours a day, it really adds up. Click-to-dial is much more efficient."

General Sales Manager, SPA
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