GOLFBREAKS.COM DELIVERS HIGH-TOUCH CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR GOLF VACATIONS, one of the world's largest and longest established golf travel companies, chose NewVoiceMedia to benefit from a single platform for sales and service teams. Combining voice with all other interactions ensures a single view of the customer within the Salesforce profile. Advanced routing gives agents full visibility of when their customers are calling, so that they never miss an important call. They are able to connect customers with the best possible agent and ensure human contact at all times.

The benefits of a dynamic IVR

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Dynamic Routing Features

Prevent customers being sent to the wrong people

Avoid lowering the customer experience because routing rules are based on out-of-date data held in a different database. Intelligently route customers based on the latest information stored in Salesforce, such as case owner, last agent spoken to, or their latest post-call survey.

Specialize staff with skills to handle particular queries

Further enhance the customer experience and significantly reduce the effort involved in resolution.

Customer priority routing

For example, direct customers with outstanding invoices straight through to finance, or customers with an open case get priority routed through to the agent who was handling their query.

Customer self-service

Differentiate your customers by region, or by value, or anything else that matters to you. Give the power back to your customers to serve themselves.

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