Customers are frustrated, they feel taken for granted, and are looking at other brands. Your agents are not engaged anymore, and you fear they’re going to break up with you.

Whether you’re in the dating phase or in a long-term relationship, great communication across channels is key to keep the flame alive with your customers.  The same can be said with your agents. They need training, coaching and most importantly, great tools such as Workforce Management to enable flexible and efficient scheduling and staffing to keep them engaged and happy.

In this insightful webinar, learn how Inogen is using NewVoiceMedia and Monet to help make their customers and employees fall head over heels in love and how you can get your customers and agents to feel that way about you.

Key takeaways: 

  • Loving your agents, leveraging real- time agent insight 
  • Getting to the heart of your data within Salesforce
  • Roses are boring, getting the basic foundations right


  • Tim Kimber, Global Product Marketing Director, NewVoiceMedia
  • Lisa Elbe, Sales Engineer, Monet 
  • Raghu Venugopal, Business Process Systems Manager, Inogen

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