Whether or not it fits our self-image, we are all emotional beings. How we feel influences our relationships, our decisions and how we remember events. It is at the heart of customer experience management which is now the prime driver for organisational growth. We know that positive emotions draw customers closer to brands which is the gateway to advocacy and extended life time value. So it makes a lot of sense to make sure contact centres have a plan and the ability to deliver positive emotional outcomes as often as possible. This extends way beyond having a few highly empathetic advisors. It requires a leadership approach that embeds emotional competency from recruitment to ongoing development and service improvement.

Martin Hill-Wilson will present the latest version of the emotion management framework he has been developing following a recent UK roadshow sponsored by NVM to test the core concepts and gauge enthusiasm for joining the first wave of organisations wanting to embed the methodology int their own sales and service teams.

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Martin Hill-Wilson

Customer Service, CX & AI Engagement Strategist, Brainfood Consulting

Martin is a well known international keynote speaker and chair for contact centre and customer engagement conferences. He is also a global authority on social customer service and co-author of ‘Delivering Effective Social Customer Service’.

As the name Brainfood suggests, Martin enjoys stimulating people to see their worlds anew, then help them develop a better mousetrap. Over a career that has included CEO, trainer, consultant, strategist and facilitator, Martin has maintained his interest in the customer agenda.

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