This is an exciting, unique opportunity for frontline managers of sales and customer service teams to be coached by experts from Winning by Design – the leading provider of strategy consulting for over 250 SaaS sales and high-velocity sales orgs – and even earn a certification¹ for ‘Introduction to coaching as a science!’

Led by Dominique Levin, whose impressive CV includes running worldwide inside sales teams as founding CMO of Totango and CEO at LogLogic (now Tibco), together with Dan Smith, former head of sales at Ringadoc, you’ll learn why selling is becoming a team sport, and how you can use data and science to coach your team to perform.

You’ll walk away with blueprints for a coaching cadence and exercises for both daily-weekly-monthly team meets and a template for data-driven 1-2-1 meetings with your reps.

The full agenda

1. How to go from competition to collaboration (the biology of leadership)

2. How to Coach (The Coach’s Mindset)

3. Best practices on offering feedback

4. How to create a coaching cadence (monthly, weekly, daily)

5. How to create new monthly coaching modules

6. How to perform weekly call reviews

7. How to perform 8 different daily role play exercises (ring-ring)

8. How to manage performance indicators and promotions


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¹Full certification is available to those who complete the Winning By Design Managing 1 course. More information available at:

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