NVM’s deep Salesforce integration addresses digital and voice customer interactions, to ensure consistent conversations across every channel. Your teams won’t miss a trick, with consistent engagement histories for every single contact.

Vertafore uses Omni-Channel to Revolutionize Contact Center

Vertafore, a leading software provider for the insurance industry, wanted to revolutionize customer experience. Steve Cox, Vice President of Customer Support and Technology, explains how Vertafore boosted customer satisfaction and increased agent productivity with NewVoiceMedia's Omni-channel routing.


Route NewVoiceMedia voice and Salesforce email, chat, SMS, video and social channels together using the same business logic to provide a more consistent customer experience, boost operational efficiency, and reduce contact center headaches.

Have intelligent, personal conversations across every channel

Only NVM can seamlessly integrate every single channel with your Salesforce CRM data. Omni-channel means you’re ready for effortlessly personal conversations whenever (and wherever) your customers are.

Delight your customers with up-to-date history

Up-to-date engagement histories from Salesforce across every channel, mean your people know exactly what’s happened – irrespective of engagement channel. So they’ll always feel informed.


Share resources across channels

Omni-channel’s integration lets you keep a close eye on effectiveness across all channels. That means it’s simple to scale up (or down), and set or manage KPIs, for unprecedented optimisation.


Because NVM integrates your Salesforce digital and voice channel data, you can use Einstein AI analytics to optimise your CRM across all channels as one.

Consistent Experience

Provide a rich, consistent & integrated experience irrespective of the channel chosen by the customer that reflects your business prioritizes and customer segmentation strategies.

Dynamic omni-channel routing

Consistenlty route customers across your channels based on the latest information stored in Salesforce, such as case owner, last agent spoken to, or their latest post-call survey.

Omni-Channel Availability & Presence

Salesforce users have only one place to set their availability as well as check peer presence, which improves total operational efficiency.

Omni-Channel reporting

Keep a close eye on effectiveness across all channels since all channel activity is automatically and consistently logged into Salesforce.

Easier Admin

Reduce administrative complexity by managing omni-channel conversations from within Salesforce.

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See how you’re doing, right now

Monitor service levels in real time, with dynamic routing and rule management for contact handling.


Prioritize by person, not channel

Rank contacts using more than just channels. Combine segments and context for proper prioritization.

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Give your contacts control

Sophisticated access to Salesforce and other systems offers self-service options, plus automated answers to common questions.

“A seamless, integrated omni-channel contact center solution has become essential for businesses seeking to compete on customer experience. With the omni-channel capability from NVM and the dedicated focus it has put on tight integration with Salesforce, businesses can deliver that kind of omni-channel experience – offering not only consistency, but also up-to-date customer interaction information irrespective of the interaction channel.”

Sheila McGee-Smith, founder and principal analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics.

Meet your customers wherever they are

To survive in the customer experience economy, businesses must adapt to customer behavior. That includes letting customers choose how they want to get in touch. Providing a seamless omni-channel service, in which a conversation can hop from Twitter to phone to email, without causing confusion or hassle, is essential.

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